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Designer Tint


Many types of window films are available, with features ranging from additional UV protection to a tint that limits the view of your home from the exterior. If you’re looking for a little more privacy from people in the street, the right window film can shield the view from the outside and give you a better sense of privacy and comfort inside your home.


As we discussed, window tint has the ability to hold glass together and keep shards from scattering everywhere. Along with preventing a potential burglary, this benefit can also help with innocent accidents and natural disasters. Whether your home was hit by a severe storm or a window was broken by a poorly aimed baseball, window tint will keep glass from ending up all over the room and causing injuries to you or your family.


Windows on the ground floor are a common entry point for burglars. They simply break the glass and unlock the door or climb through the window to gain entry into your home, which puts you in a position of choosing the aesthetic beauty of your windows or the safety of yourself and your family. While window tint can’t prevent forcible entry into your home, it does hold the glass in place longer and make entry more difficult. A few extra seconds could be enough to alert you or give your alarm system time to contact authorities, and it may even be enough to deter a thief altogether.


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